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Who I Am

I opened Success Learning Center in July 2001, after dedicating most of my life to teaching in public and private schools. I am a certified Texas teacher with a degree in education and a reading specialty.  I had been searching for a method that would help my smartest students (dyslexics, ADHD, etc) who seemed to be struggling the most. I read the book the Gift of Dyslexia by Ronald Davis. This book was like speaking to me about my struggling students. I witnessed the success of an individual student after going through the Davis Program and decided I had to have the Davis Training so I could truly help all individuals. Since completing my training, I have helped individuals in reading, math, auditory processing, spelling, handwriting and ADHD from Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Nevada and Oklahoma from ages 6 years old to 71 years old. I am committed to making a difference in each individual's life.

My mission is to help each individual discover his/her true potential using the creative hands-on Davis approach. Developing life-long independent learners who have an important and valuable place in our society. Each person deserves to feel good about themselves and their learning style. I am committed to making that difference one person at a time.

In July 2004, I became a workshop presenter for the Davis Learning Strategies. This workshop empowers teachers, counselors, and administrators with strategies to help all learners in the school system.


Davis Learning Strategies® is a trademark of the Ronald D. Davis and Alice E. Davis Living Trust. Commercial use of this trademark for the purposes of training and mentoring teachers requires licensing by the trademark owner.

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