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About Dyslexia

Dyslexia comes from the Greek meaning “difficulty with words.” It may encompass many areas of learning such as reading, spelling, comprehension, writing and math. The severity of the symptoms varies with each individual. Problems may appear in all academic areas or in just one area. Dyslexia is not a “disease” which demands a cure. Dyslexics are picture thinkers with creative multidimensional thinking minds that benefit from hands-on learning. Dyslexia truly is a “gift” one can learn to use through the Davis Program to make academics easier.

What are some common traits and behaviors of dyslexics?

 Inability to read and comprehend on grade level

Difficulty with telling time

Confusion with left/right directions

Experiences difficulty when copying from the blackboard

Omits, changes or adds words when reading or writing

An average or above average IQ but does not perform well in school

Reluctant to attend school

Difficulty remembering math facts

Skips lines when reading

Labeled “lazy”

Must read paragraphs several times before understanding what is read

Writes letters or numbers down in the incorrect order

May excel in areas of art, physical coordination and/or creative thinking

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