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“Honestie was so excited everyday to go learn more. She stayed on task and wants to do her clay work.”

Honestie's Mom


“Hannah could not wait to see Mrs. Colleen everyday! She came home tired but excited to tell us what all she learned and got to do that day. She seemed more confident in what she could do.”

— Hannah's Mom


“Joshua learned so much in his first week with Mrs. Colleen! He was tired but I feel like he was given the confidence and tools to move forward and become a better reader!”

— Joshua's Mom


“I felt it was a very positive week of learning for me. I was able to take some of the concepts and use them during the week of the class. Colleen is a very dedicated and enthusiastic teacher/trainer which totally made the week. It was a very good week.”

— Stephen


“My daughter was hesitant to going for a full week, but every day she came out with a smile. She said Mrs. Colleen was fun and time went fast.”

— Hannah's Mom

“I think the week went really well. Cole learned a lot during this week. During this short period his confidence has seemed to be a lot better. I was excited just to know that there is a way that I can help him at home.”

— Cole's Mom


“We really had no expectations going in since this was all so new to us, but we did have high hopes. Kelly took the training very seriously and was pleased to learn how to use the tools to focus and concentrate better. I was pleased with the outcome and surprised at how she wasn't drained at the end of each long day.”

— Kelly's Mom

"Zach had a successful week of learning! He especially appreciated the strategies to help him release, focus, and check his "dial". The clay allowed him to express his creativity while learning. The new strategies and techniques have been easy to implement at home."

— Zach's Mom

"Luke loved being at Success Learning Center - he loved Mrs. Colleen! He enjoyed "playing" with the clay and he didn't want the weekend to end! 

— Luke's Mom

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